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Vehicle Features

A vision, a dream…a crazy idea! When the impossible was made possible, the idea too bold to be chained, too powerful to be tamed. The big bang! A game changer, the idea that had to be born.

An un-stoppable carbon fibre body lighter than wind, but stronger than storm. 🌬️🌪️

Born electric, this is the force of tomorrow. 🔋🔌

We present to you, the BMW I8, available @ #scotchautomobiles.👏

Always exciting to have one of BMW’s models at our showroom, but this one, is an absolute banger! 💥

The curvaceous bodywork and upward-swinging doors add lots of visual drama to the i8. Even if she is not the fastest supercar on the planet, it has all the criteria to be one of the sexiest! 😅

This one was built in 2018, she is dressed in mineral white colour and black accents for a perfect colour combo.🤍🖤

The mileage covered is that of 38k miles or equivalent to 64k kms. She is in pristine condition, hats off to the previous owner for keeping her so well. 🙏

Balance of 2years manufacturer’s warranty on the battery.

The powertrain in the i8 doesn’t lack for creativity or innovative engineering. A turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine is positioned behind the cabin. It is coupled to two electric motors and a 7.1-kWh battery pack. Altogether producing 357bhp. Power is fed to all four wheels via a six-speed automatic gearbox. Depending on your driving preferences, the i8 will cruise sedately for up to 18 miles in electric-only drive mode, or it can turn much feistier in driver-selectable performance modes. It’s certainly quick, and the steering is agile when getting a move on. The suspension also does a good job keeping the i8 planted to the road.

The I8 is the iconic car which emerged first with electirc power in the super car sector.

It has been discountinued by the manufacturer, hence not many left up for grabs.

The choice is yours, this car is all about smiles and happy days. Grab yourself this one off opportunity in owning the iconic I8.