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Range Rover Sport

Vehicle Features

The SUV king is here. 🖤👑

We present to you the all new Range Rover Sport.

What a car this is! We get intrigued every time we sit in this beautiful piece of engineering! 😍

This iconic car screams royalty! Combining luxury and elegance.

This is the 2024 HSE dynamic model.

Best colour combo! ⚫️🔛⚫️

At the front, under the bonnet, sits a 3.0L V6 petrol engine, which, when combined to the electric motor, the output hp is a whopping 460bhp. 😮

Being a PHEV, it covers a distance of approx 100kms on electric power. Quite impressive for such a beefy car.

This Sport is fully loaded. Too much to list.😮‍💨

The driving experience of this car is unexplainable. One has to ride in it to understand. 😉

We invite you…to come and experience this car in real life.

This Sport is fully loaded. Too much to list.😮‍💨